Sometimes clients needs special skilled resources for certain project duration only. For these specific needs, just in time, resources are hired for your specific project based requirements. These resources will be on Anadik’s payroll and work from client premises for the contract duration.

While hiring for some critical positions in the organizations, organizations dont want to run the risk of hired person not having the right skills or not being able to fit in the organizations work culture. In such cases, organizations want to first work with the resources before making them an offer on their permanent payroll. Such resources are hired on Anadik payroll and they will work with the client team on the clients projects. This helps in identifying high performers who are able to gel well with the client team. Organizations get an opportunity to make an offer to these high performer resources. This way the client organizations can avoid the pitfall of bad hiring. Organizations benefit from this as they can hire only those candidates who perform well and are able to gel well with this the organizations work culture